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On Wednesday Jan/ 6th at 7PM, my performance is an audition for AXS TV's "Live from Gotham" and we can also win cash prizes. It's my first standup show in a long time and it's all new material for me; I would love it if you would attend. ( I need 10 people buying in my name to perform). The comic who brings the most gets a guest spot. That's showbiz, constantly proving ourselves. The show will sell out (from what I am told), so please make reservations. BRING FRIENDS! The show is $12.50 plus a two drink minimum, but it's right after work on a wednesday, so HUMP DAY! Make a reservation now. (212.367.9000). Use my name and say weds jan 6 at 7PM. Then come see me be funny. YOU MUST MAKE A RESERVATION TO BE COUNTED TOWARD MY REQUIRED 10..

Ultimately,I'm still a work in progress..put it this way, "Daddy, Actor, Comic, Dreamer.." As Mickey Rourke says in Diner, "if ya ain't got good dreams, ya have nightmares".  

You wanna know who I am ..? 
I’m the guy that remembers phone numbers from High School, baseball & football statistics, lyrics to songs I haven’t heard in 20 years, or the drummer from some obscure band, or a really cool album cover, but I can't find my keys, or my belt. I've been a "lifeline" on "Who wants to be a Millionaire", but I might forget to eat lunch if I'm busy. 
I'm not sure why you're looking at this; either you know me and we're re-connecting, or we have a friend in common, or you think bald is beautiful. Or maybe you need an actor! Which one is it?!

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